The name Berachah comes from the Old Testament, and means literally "The Valley of Blessing". Berachah is a local church with its roots in history and the local community, and is not some kind of cult or way-out religion. We believe the bible and want to share its life-giving message with people of all ages, cultures, tastes and backgrounds.

In the early part of the 20th century a group of local Christians used to attend the church at John Street (between the lower end of Ordnance Street and Fort Pitt Street), but felt the need for a place of worship nearer to their homes. In the early 1930's, a Mr Goodwin led the new work, having cleared his builder's work-shop in Dale Street for the Purpose. As numbers grew, the "Dale Street Mission", as it was known, moved to its present site. The foundation stone for the building you see in Neville Road today was laid in 1935.

The longest period of consistent ministry stretched from 1954 to 1990 when Stanley Jackson was pastor. Since his death in 1990 a small band of workers have maintained the cause, acknowledging the goodness of God in providing the means for the work to go on. These friends, including the late pastor's wife, who herself departed this life in 2007, continued to maintain the work of gospel ministry at Berachah.

Since 2005, some of these friends have moved away, and at present, Keith Chambers, who has been at Berachah since January 1993, is the pastor.