Do you think that mankind has changed, say, over the past 4000 or so years, and is it for the better? Many would be tempted to answer ‘yes’, giving their reasons as mainly due to technological advancement. This would include the obvious advantages of labour saving devices, computers and the internet, and big advances in medical knowledge, all leading to a greatly improved standard of living.

However, what about the quality of life from a moral and spiritual viewpoint? I am sure we would have to confess there has been no improvement at all in this area, in fact, things probably have got worse. Crime is still with us; society and family breakdown is still with us and getting much worse; war is still with us; and terrorism has become a scourge of the whole world, with Governments at their wits end as to how to deal with it effectively. Morally, mankind has not improved one little bit. Why is this? Well, basically, it is because people do not only not know God, but have no desire to know Him either, and in fact will do anything to distance themselves as far as possible from Him.

I am sure you have heard of a man called Job, a man famous for exhibiting great patience during a time of severe suffering. He lived about 4000 years ago, and said of the people of his generation, that they desired for God to depart from them, as they did not wish to know of Him or His ways – so nothing has changed since then.

People will not improve morally or spiritually until they see and feel their need of God. When society in general, and we in particular, begin to realise that the great problem is our sin and wrong attitude towards God, and the wrong actions which result from that attitude, then God will answer. He will show us that the Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to suffer and die, and deal with our sin by taking it upon himself, that we might know His forgiveness. However, we must first call upon Him for help in repentance, and then be willing to follow Him.